Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Three summer dresses - sponsored by Shein


First of all, I hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend! Mine was spent at my parents' place with lots of good food, general cosiness and lots of Christmas movies including classics like Home Alone, The Santa Clause, A Muppets' Christmas Carol. :-D

I had two sponsored posts already.. and this 3rd one is courtesy of Shein. I chose 3 cute dresses, but uhm.. they're more suited for hot summers! Obviously, it would not be very useful to delay a post like this for 6 months after they've sent me the dresses, right?

Thus.. once again, crappy and boring indoor photos it is!

The first dress is a short black dress with a split on the sides. My motto: one can never have too many LBD's!!

I got this dress in size M and just like previous LBD I got from another Chinese web-shop, it is still on the short side. One of the main reasons I wore these patterned tights with it. ;-)

The next item is navy sleeveless ruffle dress. When I think about having lots of cocktails on a beautiful warm summer night with my friends, I think about wearing a dress like this!

For the third and last dress, I chose something that I actually could wear in January or February, an army green casual dress. The long sleeves will make sure I won't be too cold. The dress is still short though! ;-)

Whenever I get free clothing or shoes, whether it's from a good friend or a company, the first thing is that I'm always grateful. It won't change my opinion of the items themselves.. but I won't deny that the feeling itself is a very nice one. :-)

My experiences with Shein was very pleasant. They were very patient as I received these dresses 6 weeks ago, but I just did not have the time. Anyway, here are the links if you want to check these dresses out!

As I've written before: I like filming outside. Sadly, due to the very bad and cold weather and lack of time.. I couldn't do that. So this time, I chose another part of my apartment to change things up. Hope you still like it!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Royally blue


Be warned, this blog-post will have lots of photos.. there were just too many nice ones to leave them out! :-)

Followers of my Instagram page (or Flickr / Facebook) have probably seen this dress when I was testing it indoor at home. Obviously, dresses like these are not meant to be worn in an apartment.

Ever since I got my hands on this dress, I knew that I wanted to wear it on a sunny day in a beautiful Royal Garden. And what a coincidence that the Netherlands is a kingdom.. filled with castles and palaces!

You can imagine that walking around in a dress like that did attract quite the attention.. and I got my fair share of looks. Perhaps practice for that future moment when I will be queen of the world? :-D

Anyway, women were complimenting me on my dress and they all said that it was totally appropriate wearing them at the Royal Palace and Gardens! Of course, that made me smile a lot!

Oh, by the way.. inside the Royal Palace, the clickety-clack of the heels would reverberate throughout all the hallways. So, to be considerate, I decided to wear sneakers inside. Did you ever thought you would see me wearing anything flat?! ;-)

The Monday is almost over.. a couple more days until Christmas. Can't wait until I will spend some time with my family and eat some really good food! Have a great week! ;-)


Great weather, a beautiful dress ( if I may say so myself ) and royal garden, you can bet your bottam dollar that we also filmed a couple of video clips! :-)